Powering Up the Digital Music Master(er)

Grammy-nominated Luca Pretolesi is a producer and mixing/mastering engineer who swears by the value of clean, consistent power provided by Torus Power to create award-winning dance and digital music. You could say that Luca Pretolesi, owner of Studio DMI (Study of...

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What Makes the Torus Power Wall-Mount Unit Different?

Five minutes with design consultant Art Kelm, Ground One AV The Torus Power Wall Mount unit is an easy-to-install toroidal isolation power conditioner designed to deliver clean power to high-end electronic components such as recording studios, listening rooms, and...

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Hurricane? What Hurricane?

A gorgeous Cliffside estate in Los Cabos, Baja, California, is fortified with wall-mounted Torus Power isolation transformer to eliminate electrical vulnerabilities Storm season has arrived, and electronic systems contractors and integrators know all too well what...

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