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NEW Torus Power Connect

Torus Power Connect is a powerful cloud-based website developed by Torus Power for control, configuration, data logging and reporting.

Torus Power Connect provides Dealers and Installers with a customer dashboard to access each installation, enabling remote access, troubleshooting, and control via a browser interface on a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The same features are available for Torus Power Connect users for their individual installation.

Torus Power Connect


Torus Power Toroidal Isolation

Toroidal Isolation

Torus Power transformers electrically isolate connected equipment from the incoming power. Torus Power Toroidal Isolation transformers feature triple shielding for ultimate noise attenuation and isolation from the increasingly noisy and polluted power lines.

LONO (Low Noise) technology eliminates audible noise in the Torus Power transformer regardless of line conditions, including DC offset and over- voltage. To ensure ultra-silent operation, a retaining band (for 3U, 4U and 5U models) suspends the transformer inside the cabinet.

Torus Power meets the exacting NC10 acoustic noise standard, making it suitable for use in the quietest environments (including recording studio control rooms).

Toroidal Isolation


Narrow Bandwidth Technology

Narrow Bandwidth Technology

Torus Power Toroidal Isolation transformers restore incoming power to its clean original state using proprioratory NBT transformer technology.

Torus Power’s design carefully balances the inherent inductance, capacitance, and resistance characteristics of the toroidal transformer, enabling the transformer to act as a very effective low-pass filter.

The corner frequency for noise attenuation is 2 kHz with an attenuation rate of 12dB/decade to 500 kHz. Another important advantage of NBT technology is the elimination of external filters, such as capacitors, and other components that can fail over time. Torus Power attenuates both Differential Mode (L-N) and Common Mode (G-N) noise


Hi Res Technology

Torus Power isolation transformers have a very low resistance to ground to keep the noise floor as low as possible while still providing ample, unrestricted current on demand.

This is the foundation enabling high-resolution audio systems to achieve a wide dynamic range with clean, distortion free musical peaks even at high volume levels.


Torus Surge Protection

Series Mode Surge Suppression

Torus Power protects connected equipment through innovative series mode surge suppression that also pays attention to keeping the power clean. Most surge suppression circuits are shunt-mode. Excessive voltage surges are “shunted” to ground, which raises ground voltage and may contaminate audio and video signals.

Torus Power’s design absorbs surges more than 2V above peak line voltage, so ground is not affected.

Torus Power surge suppression meets IEEE endurance standards of 6000 Volts, 3000 Amps, with 1000 repeats. Torus Power further innovates by using the Toroidal Isolation transformer to replace the series inductor typically used by other brands. This ensures extremely low stray magnetic fields within the chassis.


Series Mode Surge Suppresion


Torus Power AVR

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Voltage sags, brownouts, and surges can stress components and shorten equipment life. Torus Power Automatic Voltage regulation deals with these problems effectively, providing stable voltages for your valuable equipment.

AVR technology continuously monitors incoming mains voltage to detect high and low voltage conditions, and seamlessly and instantaneously triggers compensating circuitry to ensure the voltages powering your equipment are always optimal.

Torus Power AVR functionality is preprogrammed to power off the system when a voltage fault conditions occur, adding another level of protection. An attractive front panel LED displays power data including the incoming mains voltage and the regulated output voltage.