Let Torus Power Analyze Your AV System

Are you taking power into account when designing AV systems?

We work with integrators every day to help them find the right power solution—which is often highly specialized—to get the results their customers expect.

We’re here to help specify the right product to power and protect systems, taking into account factors such as:
• The power grid in the home, the community, and the area.
• Whether your project is a new build or remodel. Oftentimes redesigned or remodeled homes don’t have the power foundation needed to handle the power demand of control systems, media rooms, or custom cinemas. We can help with that.
• Equipment and voltages being specified.
• The scale and scope of the job and the Torus Power products that will meet those needs.

Contact Torus Power to get a complete analysis of your system. If we don’t have the solution your project needs, we can custom-engineer components to meet your requirements. Just give us a call!



Request a complete power analysis for your custom AV project


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