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Part 1: System Reliability



Clean Power for High Performance Audio Video Systems – An online video series led by Kevin Main, President of Torus Power.

Part 1: Clean Power for High-Performance Audio and Video Systems

Learn what it takes to establish an effective power foundation and deliver clean power for high-performance audio & video systems.

Part 2: Automatic Voltage Regulation

Clean Power for High Performance Audio Video Systems – An online video series led by Kevin Main, President of Torus Power.

Part 2: Learn how fluctuations and inconsistencies on the incoming power line such as surges, spikes, over-voltage, under-voltage, sags, and transients can cause problems or even failures in system components and how Toroidal Isolation by Torus Power adds reliability to high-performance audio & video systems.

Part 3: How To Create a Robust Power Ecosystem

Clean Power for High Performance Audio Video Systems – An online video series led by Kevin Main, President of Torus Power.

Part 3: Keeping distortion, harmonics, normal mode and common mode noise to a minimum is necessary for the reliable operation of audio-video systems. Learn how power and grounding are the heart of any electronic system and the critical role Torus Power isolation transformers play in high-performance audio-video systems.

Part 4: Power as a Foundational Product

Clean Power for High Performance Audio Video Systems – An online video series led by Kevin Main, President of Torus Power.

Part 4: Every component of the system is powered by electricity and subject to the noise and other problems that exist on the power line. Learn how isolating the AV system from the electrical grid by using Torus Power isolation transformers provides the proper power foundation, increased reliability, and far better system performance.

Part 5: How to specify power in a system proposal

Clean Power for High Performance Audio Video Systems – An online Video series led by Kevin Main, President of Torus Power.

Part 5: When specifying the power requirements for a high-performance AV system in a project proposal it’s important to ask the right questions in order to ascertain what’s needed and deliver a properly configured system. In this episode, we discuss what’s needed to be known and how Torus Power’s free Power Analysis service can be utilized to ensure the right power foundation is provided for each project.

New! Torus Power AVR ELITE: So Much More than a power transformer

Torus Power’s Kevin Main introduces the latest, the greatest from Torus Power Toroidal Isolation Power Transformers. Torus Power’s new AVR ELITE is much more than a power transformer, it’s the ultimate power control system for high-performance audio-video systems. The AVR ELITE Toroidal Isolation isolates connected equipment from the electrical grid, ensuring clean power delivery to sensitive electronic components. High Current capability provides performance improvements that can be seen and heard in all AV systems. Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation protects against voltage fluctuations, and Series Mode Surge Suppression protects expensive equipment from power line damage.

Torus Power for Large Audio Video Installations: Kevin Main Discuss the WM Unit

Designed for high-performance AV systems, our Wall Mount isolation transformer allows power to be harnessed and delivered to different output circuits and locations. The foundation of all Torus Power products, the isolation transformer is a very effective way of powering & protecting AV equipment.

A/B demos with our RM 20 isolation transformer at this year’s Toronto audiofest

Torus Power conducted A/B demos with our RM 20 isolation transformer at this year’s Toronto audiofest. Throughout the weekend we demonstrated the RM 20’s performance benefits using Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘Tin Pan Alley’ (from the CD ‘Couldn’t Stand the Weather’). We started with the Arcam integrated amplifier powered from the wall outlet, and then we moved it over to the RM 20 and let visitors hear the difference. The differences were startling, and several visitors were overheard in the halls and elevators praising the difference the RM 20 isolation transformer made.

Luca Pretolesi on Getting the Best Audio in Recording Studios with Torus Power

Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI puts more thought into his equipment setup than many recording studios. Here, he takes a deep dive into the proper power setup for mixing, mastering, engineering, and producing using both digital and analog equipment. He covers the challenge with drums created from sine waves and little use of acoustic sound, and how Torus Power helps address those issues. Pretolesi also discusses the poor power conditions in Las Vegas, how different pieces of equipment can introduce noise if you don’t have the proper power, how he designed Studio DMI with power in mind, and how Torus Power helps him create a consistency in his sound across tracks and artists.

CEDIA HQ: “One of the very best demo rooms in the world” Is Powered by Torus Power

CEDIA Headquarters Now Has One of The Best Demo Rooms in the World Powered by Torus Power from Torus Power on Vimeo.

 Learn why the Erskine Group would not have been able to create the spectacular sound and video for the CEDIA new global headquarters custom theater without clean toroidally isolated power from Torus Power. 

Why Dennis Erskine Turned to Torus to Power for CEDIA Home Theater

Erskine Group uses custom Torus Power all-in-one isolation transformer to convert 480V 3-phase industrial power into 120V to protect high-performance gear in the new CEDIA Reference Theater.

Torus Power Isolation Transformer Products Lead with Performance

In this short video, Torus Power’s Kevin Main discusses product development and design for the company and how performance is the key driver.

Torus Power Isolation Transformers—A Highly Differentiated Technology

Torus Power Isolation Transformers use a very different technology, started in 2004, that goes beyond the run-of-the-mill power transformer or surge protector.

Why Customers Love Torus Isolation Transformer Power Transformers

Torus Power’s Kevin Main discusses how one customer in Chicago installed a Torus Power Toroidal Isolation transformer power transformer.

Torus Isolation Transformers for Pro Audio Recording Studios

Torus Power isolation transformer power transformers are ideal for pro audio environments and recording studios.

How Isolation Transformer and Power Transformers Differ 

In this short video, Torus Power’s Kevin Main explains how power transformers and isolation transformers vary.

AV Systems Perform Better When Powered by Torus

Here, Torus Power’s Kevin Main explains how power is the gas of any AV system, whether it’s a small two-channel system or a huge home theater.

Torus Power Protection – A Multi-Step Approach to Surge Protection

Torus Power Protections – A Multi Step Approach to Powering & Protecting AV Systems

Dynamic Possibilities of Toroidal Isolation Technology

Toroidal Isolation Transformers from Torus Power and Your Amplifier

Torus Power Dramatically Reduces Noise Floor

Torus Power’s Kevin Main tells us how he has been involved in hundreds of installations in which Torus Power isolation transformers and power transformers have been used.

Torus Power Delivers Stunning Performance

Torus Power’s Kevin Main recalls the first time he heard his own two-channel audio system using a Torus Power isolation transformer.

History of Torus Power Isolation Power Transformers

Back in 2004, Torus Power designed its first product, the MR20.

Totem Acoustics and Torus Power, CEDIA 2016

Torus Power provides improved image stability, enhanced music and cinema, and more.

Torus Power’s All-In-One Electrical panel with Power Isolation

Interview with Arthur Kelm discussing the advantages of Torus Power ‘All in One’ Unit.

Torus Power Simplifies Isolation Transformer Specification

Here, Torus Power’s Kevin Main discusses the company’s unique take on it isolation transformer power transformers specification and system design.

Torus Power Cleans Up the Audio Spectrum, Says Kelm

Arthur Kelm, Torus Power panelist, describes how amplifiers using Torus isolation transformers create a transient bottom end, opening up the high frequencies.

Torus Power Controls Leakage Induction for Added Protection

Torus Power Hour panelist Henry Pajooman describes the benefits of controlling leakage induction with power isolation transformers.

Torus Power Wall Mount at Cedia 2016

Interview with Arthur Kelm discussing the advantages of Torus Power Wall Mount Panel

Eliminate Dips, Sags, and Brownouts with Torus Power, Says Dennis Erskine

Learn why Dennis Erskine of Erskine Group installs Torus 240-to-120V Torus isolation transformers to lower the noise floor, eliminating potential problems down the line.

Torus Power Boosts Quality of Live Gigs, Bassist Dean Peer Testifies

At CEDIA 2015, electric bass virtuoso Dean Peer talks about the benefits of clean isolated power for live performances using Torus Power Toroidal Power Isolation Units.

Torus Power Is the Gasoline of Any System, Says Anthony Grimani

Torus Power Hour panelist Anthony Grimani on how Torus isolation transformers protect a homeowner’s investment and save installers time.

Take a tour of Torus Power Transformers at CEDIA 2014

CEDIA 2014 Power Transformers from Torus Power for Isolating and Protecting AV Equipment

AVR2 power transformer from Torus Power at ISE 2015

AVR2 power transformer from Torus Power at ISE 2015 showcases Ethernet connectivity.

Wifi Hifi Tours Torus Power to Learn About Its Power Isolation Transformer Products

Learn more about Torus Power Isolation Transformers on this exciting Wifi Hifi factory tour.

CEPro Discovers the AVR2 power transformer from Torus Power at CEDIA 2014

CEPro’s tour shows how the AVR2 power transformer cleans up dirty power.

Torus Power Transformers at ISE 2015 with AV Nation

AV Nation interviews Torus Power about its Power Transformers at ISE 2015.

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