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This blew my mind!

December 28, 2022 – I’ve recently heard a Torus Power AVR unit at a friend’s studio and was amazed by what the Torus did. Being very well aware of what the right power supply and cable can do this blew my mind!

M. S. | Germany

It was not subtle. On the contrary, it was stunning

July 21, 2022 – Product is RM 20 – Simply put, the RM 20 freed each and every note that crossed each and every chord and cable that coursed through each and every component until it arrived at my ears. It was truly a breath of fresh air. Can you say pristine, natural, open, and unhindered frequency response? Wide dynamic range? And there were oceans of detail, air, micro dynamics, and ambience rendered by the Torus RM 20. It was not subtle. On the contrary, it was stunning. The amount of music and detail called forth via the RM 20 bought the constant rediscovery of my entire music collection and it was always very enjoyable. Let’s just say that the Torus RM 20 is highly recommended.

K. Heartsong | AudioKey Reviews!

The AVR ELITE 20 continues to amaze me!

Feb 24, 2022 – Model # AVR ELITE 20 – The AVR Elite 20 continues to amaze me! The sound is very open and organic. Quite effortless and hoping things continue getting better with time.

Charles R | Taunton, MA

Everything is smooth and yet very dynamic!

November 15, 2021 – First reaction/effect was like I have a new CD-player or headphones, at least. Everything is smooth and yet very dynamic. The soundstage has expanded, now it is huge.

The bass is strong, tight and the instruments have more air around them. The voices are also much clearer now. And all this just straight out of the box! WOW!

I’m a very happy man and I’m going to discover and enjoy my CD collection from A to Z.

Jari V | Finland

AT least a 25% improvement in the overall sound quality

July 8, 2020 – I had absolutely no idea how much it would improve the sound quality to use one of your Torus Power TOT Max power conditioning devices!! The whole soundstage improved tremendously plus firmer bass and clearer voices. And I have been busy recommending your solutions to all my friends since. I would say it was at least a 25% improvement on the overall sound quality.

Philip J. | Washington, DC.

The Torus Power AVR 20 has totally transformed the quality of my work!

June 16, 2020 – I have had the Torus Power AVR 20 unit now for a bit, and it has totally transformed the quality of my work! What an amazing product! I instantly called all my friends about it.

Many of the praises I gave included the observation of how it felt like my monitors were upgraded. Just listening to music through it, has made the experience incredible! Bigger soundstage, extended bottom and top, the details are sooo accurate and precise. The only sad part was opening up previous mixes and noticing how much reverb I added, I went a little overboard haha.

I guess with all that noise, or dirty signal coming in, it was masking the details of my mixes and I was making the wrong decisions, but how great it is to now have a clear, correct, and true picture. Thank you so much!

Francesco Benvenuto | Cheskivity Productions

The product is AWESOME!

January 29, 2019 – In a nutshell, the product is AWESOME! Dealers not demoing gear with Torus Power are making a serious mistake!!!!!!

Robert Lietz
Analog Shop
Victor, NY

You wouldn’t buy a fast performance car and use cheap gas.

September 19, 2018 – “My role as a finisher in the music industry is to take whatever we receive, whatever I have in my hand, and try to take it one step higher and constantly raise the bar of quality of music. We start from the power, go up through to cables, up on to the audio, and so forth, so building a studio means integrating and understanding the relationship between different components. From the power side, from the audio side, from the acoustics, from the placement, from the sweet spot.

Each part of this makes a really good studio and really good recordings. In dance music, in breakdowns, on parts of music where we don’t have drums, we’re bringing a lot of information, like reverb. Having a clean response allows me to do that, without worrying about noise floor. But if I use a lot of analog gear fed by bad power, it’s a big risk to bring noise into the mix.

Part of my job is mixing, but it’s also to be able to recall exactly the same gear, with the same result, with the same sound. We do about two to three hundred songs a year, so we need to have a system that is recallable. Having stable Torus Power allows me to have the same transient response and the same noise floor. When I recall a big mix, I don’t want to have a sound that changes and fluctuates several times. We want to minimize possible problems caused by power, especially for drums and transient response, it’s important to have very clean and linear power. You wouldn’t buy a fast performance car and use cheap gas.

Torus Power is the best possible gas for our studio. We didn’t want to second guess the quality of the power. Torus Power was the natural answer to have something very solid we can trust every day.”

Luca Pretolesi. Studio DMI, Las Vegas

"Once I experienced the difference clean power makes in the performance of my system, Torus Power gained a customer for life."

November 15, 2017 – “Initially I purchased another brand of power transformer but there was a noticeable hum in my speakers. I installed the Torus Power TOT Mini, and the hum is gone. The Torus Power transformer is silent. It’s easily one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. There’s a lot more low-level detail, a more transparent, immediate, and holographic 3D soundstage, with more soundstage height and depth in the high-resolution audio format. All of my music sounds so much different—better—than how I remember it. It resembles a live performance. The picture quality even looks better now, with clean power to the video panel delivered through the TOT Mini. Blacks are blacker, and the colors really pop. Once I experienced the difference clean power makes in the performance of my system, Torus Power gained a customer for life.”

Davis W
Ardmore, PA

"WOW, what a difference!"

July 25, 2017 – On Friday night a client came over and I mentioned the Torus Power AVR 15 and pointed it out to him.  I told him that Torus Power protects AND improves sound quality, and he asked if we could listen without the Torus…So I said ¨Actually, YES!¨

WOW, what a difference…. Lost presence, lost definition, lost body, lost power, even volume… everything just seemed to decrease in quality without the Torus AVR15!!  Then we tried again with the Torus and everything sounded great again… all at the same volume levels.

Bryan Moyano
Innovaciones Acusticas
Cumbayá, Ecuador

"My system is significantly more “immersive” than any time before. Ever. "

September 27, 2017 – “I didn’t have to strain or work real hard to see visible improvements in the image via my Blu-ray player and front projector. The first thing that jumped out was a major increase in the detail of the image. This was a big wow, OMG type of moment! The difference was not at all subtle. And I know it was the AVR 20 because I didn’t see the same level of improvement over my direct view monitor which is on a different circuit.

It wasn’t just the detail in the image where I saw improvements. It was seen on every aspect of the image. The contrast was notably improved. I saw much less irritating ringing and surprisingly there appeared to be fewer compression artifacts as well. The contrast was so much better that the picture appeared brighter on every scene. More brightness is always a good thing. Again, this was not subtle or hard to see. It was immediate and obvious. I did not have to strain to see these improvements.

The AVR20 is the first isolation transformer I have used. It mirrored the same virtues I have heard with typical power transformer products – lower noise floor and less overhang on transients. In the end, however, the Torus Power product went much farther than that.

The first thing I heard most was that the sound had a fleshier weight to it. More gravitas, if you will. This enhancement was heard with music and movies alike. This effect created a much more robust foundation to the proceedings. The bass benefited further by sounding as if there was more power and punch on tap.

I also heard an apparent decrease in harmonic distortion. This was heard through more detailed and refined textures in musical passages, particularly when a full orchestra was playing. But it also allowed the treble to sparkle just a bit more. And the fleshier bass had more space between the notes.

The soundstage grew as well. This was in both the width and the height of the stage. And as I mentioned above, the soundstage seemed to retain this wider perspective even during high dynamic peaks. It wasn’t just a little bit bigger. It was huge, grandiose even. This brought me into a territory where I felt transported to the recording venues much more frequently and convincingly.

Speaking of dynamics, this may have been the biggest overall improvement I enjoyed when it came to the sound. Just as in my video-related observations, the audio also benefited from increased dynamics. Again, this was a universal enhancement – movies, music, TV, you name it. I think the increase in apparent headroom is the one feature of the Torus Power AVR20 that really took my system to the next level. Once the Torus Power was in and popping, my system was suddenly competitive with systems that cost twice as much. That’s what this incredible product can do for your system as well.

I have watched a lot of movies and listened to a ton of music with the Torus Power AVR20 in my system. The most sustaining observation and the one that summarizes all my observations is that my system is significantly more “immersive” than any time before. Ever.

The Torus Power AVR 20 will take any system up a notch or two. If you have a system that is good, great or even excellent, running your equipment through the AVR 20 will take your system to the next level. As an example, the street price of my system is around $30,000. This is not modest but in my view is at the point of diminishing returns. The AVR 20 let my system rise up and be competitive with systems costing as much as $75,000 – $100,000. This was an astonishing level of improvement for what is a relatively small investment. Add that the Torus Power AVR 20 provides on-going protection of your equipment and you have a most highly recommended component!”

Jim Clements
The Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

"What was missing in my system was your Torus Power unit."

January 9, 2017 – I just want to express my appreciation for your products. Now that my Torus Power has finally broken in and doing its potential I understand the word dynamics better as I listen to my system. My system is a composition of two mono block amps, Jade 7 loudspeakers, Cambridge audio pre amp, Nordost speaker cable, and a high end dedicated CD player. What was missing in my system was your Torus Power unit. I do not know all the highly intellectually wordings of the audiophiles who evaluate speakers, amps etc., but as I experienced your Torus Power unit, all their wording came to a life with a transcendence of almost perfect purity. I thought these evaluators where just floating in the clouds, but when you put a system that’s in harmony with your ear and emotion attached, it’s just a very high degree of contentment.

Great products. I’m glad my curiosity paid off…I got an overwhelming dividend.
Yours truly from the lone star state,

Ronn O
Texas, USA

"You’ll hear the improvement in the first few bars of music played with the TOT AVR in place…"

November 2016 – “You’ll hear the improvement in the first few bars of music played with the TOT AVR in place, and you’ll hear it taken away when it’s removed. A ten minute demonstration would seal the deal and the majority of people would buy one at the end of it.” It’s that simple, and that good

Alan Sircom Hi-Fi+
Reviewed in Hi-Fi+ Issue 141

"I have never experienced a component that so dramatically affected the system performance, in a positive way, as this new Torus piece has."

August 2015 – The Torus unit, model RM 30 620R TVSS RK, arrived on 8/15 and was installed by my dealer on 8/22. It weighs in at 176 lbs. and rack mounting it in the equipment cabinet was no easy task.

This Torus unit was custom configured by Torus to give me 240v in/out, surge protection for the 7 Halo JC-1 amps along with power filtering. The unit has five output circuits controlling a total of 18 240v rear panel receptacles, each group is controlled by a separate front panel breaker switch.I have been trying to make a mental list of all the components that I have gone through in the years that I have been involved in this “hobby,” I could not remember them all, but came up with a total of between 60-75. With all those changes/upgrades, I have never experienced a component that so dramatically affected the system performance, in a positive way, as this new Torus piece has. The tighter bass, the mellower highs, the improved sound stage…WOW! Understand, as “half-empty” kind of guy, I do not make these statements lightly.

After the initial reaction, I began converting any piece in the system that was 120v-240v switchable and switched it to 240v then plugging it into the Torus. This included a Parasound JC-2BP Pre-amp I am auditioning, the Oppo 105 player, and the Escient Vision movie server. In each case there was as incremental improvement in the audio and video ( less video noise, especially dark noise).
In addition, the build quality is first rate and for a piece that is designed for functionality, for the most part the styling is handsome.

John G.
Chicago, IL

"The Torus Power unit is worth every penny I paid for it – It has been everything I hoped for"

Apr 8, 2014 – I had terrible electrical problems that popped up over the last year. With every new store, restaurant and business that opened up in my suburban downtown location, it seemed my system performance took a hit. At first we thought the problem was equipment-based and I spent a few months swapping preamps, amps, cables and anything else I could think of, trying to find the problem. My system at this point was unlistenable. Collapsed soundstage, hard, brittle sounding with mud for bass. And that was on a good day!

Finally at the end of my rope one day, I found an old Richard Gray isolation unit out in my garage and brought it in. I plugged my preamp in and heard a small improvement. I spoke with my dealer the next day and he brought out a 20A, 120V rack version of a Torus Power unit. I plugged my preamp, phono pre and CD player into it. Immediate improvement and hope!

I listened for a few weeks and there was enough there to make me commit to the massive 90A 300Lb Torus Power wall panel-mounted power transformer. I had to wait and hope for 7 weeks until it finally arrived. It has been everything I hoped for. My system has returned to full fidelity giving me every ounce of performance I recall prior to its utter collapse over 1 year ago. I waited a few weeks to report on its success to make sure the fix was permanent.

I’m confident now that it is. For me, the Torus Power unit is a necessity and not a luxury…

"What an upgrade the Torus made … huge, huge, huge improvement"

Before I had the 15a and 20a (both balanced 240v), I had my electrician run I believe 6-7 gauge wire from my main panel and ran it up to my living room. He had installed 2X40a breakers in my main panel. In the living room,we put a sub panel that holds 8X15a breakers,so that gave me 8 duplex receptacles. 16 plugins (JUST IN CASE).

I was running a Hydra 6 (components) and 5X hydra 2s (power amps). When I heard about TORUS, AudioArk had a 15a balanced(240v) that I borrowed to check out. it was just as good or better than my Hydras, i had just about everything plugged in to the Torus. So since I wanted to separate components and amps(3X7Bssts+2X4B-ssts), I purchased a 20a(240v)Torus. As soon as hooked that up,We’ll I could not believe what was happening,more Bottom end,air ect. I e-mailed James tanner and asked what might be happening. I thought maybe I was getting older or losing it. the 15a wouldn’t let all that power unleash itself.

I believe if I remember correctly: 5X16.5a+82a(4ohms)+8 ohms=41a.2/3 of that,27a at 8 OHMS+65a at 4OHMS. So really with the 2X Torus,I have 35a.I already ordered a 45a balanced, as I’m trading the 15a in for the 45a and keeping the 20a(for components,sub,and 4bs(and the 45a for the7bs).

GETTING BACK to the sub panel,my electrician disabled 2 receptacles and gave me 2X240v receptacles. ALL I CAN SAY IS, WHAT AN UPGRADE THE TORUS’S MADE, HUGE,HUGE IMPROVEMENT. Sorry for the detail but I get right excited when I get a major improvement in my system.

It sounds amazing!

August 23, 2022 – The RM 15 sounds amazing…there is no comparison. It would be hard to do without it now, and the Torus Power service is second to none!

Anthony A.| Toronto, ON.

My sweet spot went from a beach ball to a bathtub!

June 6, 2022 2 x RM 20 units – The transformative power of the two torus units is astounding; my sweet spot went from a beach ball to a bathtub and the commensurate removal of noise and grunge has been as if a veil was removed from the music. I laugh thinking about all of the other audiophile power filters that cost 2-3x a torus unit and don’t even have a transformer inside, those folks are missing the toroidal benefits entirely.

Chris P. | San Francisco, CA

The Torus Power AVR 20 made a much bigger difference than I thought it would

October 28, 2021Received and installed the Torus Power AVR 20 and it made a much bigger difference than I had thought it would make. My input power is all over the place and output is smooth as silk. A hum in the speakers when music was paused is now gone.  Better bass, and just cleaner sounding.

Mark C | Santa Fe, New Mexico

I was not expecting such a radical change in the overall aural experience – truly amazing!

June 24, 2021 – I don’t have the fanciest Hi-Fi system available hence I imagined a recognizable but somewhat limited improvement in the sound. To be completely honest, I was not expecting such a radical change in the overall aural experience – truly amazing.

 A.M. | Richmond Hill, ON

HUGE Difference!

June 16, 2020 – I just plugged in my Torus Power AVR 15 unit and noticed a HUGE difference within the first 30 seconds – blacker background, no dynamic compression whatsoever. Definitely a keeper.

YW | San Mateo, CA

This is quite a difference

March 1, 2020 – The most gratifying effect of the RM 20 has been elimination of occasional harshness in the treble range (violin, soprano, harpsichord) that I’ve been chasing since I built my listening room, about 6 years ago. Each addition of acoustic treatments has helped a little, as have improvements to the gear.

The speakers were chosen for low distortion and because their controlled directivity reduces reflections from the low (7 ft) ceiling and sidewalls. The source components, located near my chair, use filtered power from a competing product. Yet adding the RM 20 for the power amp has solved this longstanding irritation, to my great pleasure. 

I have been skeptical of claims made for power devices. The ones I’ve tried before had, at best, no audible effects. This Torus Power RM 20 is quite a difference, and I’m very glad I took the chance!

Mike | Portland, OR

There is no equivalent to what the Torus Power isolation transformers can accomplish.

June 14, 2019 – “In building the showcase theater at the new CEDIA headquarters we combined advanced room isolation design with high-performance components and clean power delivered by the Torus Power All-In-One unit, and we have been able to achieve a dynamic experience that is second to none and worthy of being an industry showcase. We were not going to do this room without a Torus Power unit, or its equivalent. And there is no equivalent to what the Torus Power isolation transformers can accomplish in any size installation. Providing a steady stream of ample, clean power allows the system to perform at its very best and prevents it from being compromised. The Torus Power AIO absolutely fits the bill.”

Dennis Erskine
Erskine Group Ltd.

I believe the Torus Power TOT Mini truly maximizes the sound quality of my system.

May 29, 2019 – I have had some time to consider the TOT Mini and from first listen I believe it truly maximizes the sound quality of my small tube amp and the connected system. More presence and coherence to the sound, even a little more bite, and the notes sustain (and ultimately decay) more clearly and cleanly than in any system I recall owning. I am very happy with the TOT Mini in my main tube system and have plans for the Torus Power RM 15 model in another system. 

Stanley M
San Marcos, CA

Very happy I bought the RM 20!

April 8, 2019 – OK, my RM-20 arrived and I put it to work this weekend. All I can say is…HOLY SHIT!!! The tone of my rig is greatly improved. Very happy I bought this thing (though I nearly got a hernia carrying it up 3 flights of stairs to my music room)!

Jordan B.
Los Angeles, CA

I could charge admission it sounds so good!

June 18, 2018 – I’m sitting here in my back room with the most glorious sound I’ve ever heard from my Tavish Design Minotaur integrated.  Thanks so much for your help and generosity.

I’m thrilled to have two AVR units in operation.  You should hear this…I could charge admission it sounds so good!

Ken C.
Huntington Valley, PA

"Support from Torus Power is benchmark"

December 21, 2017 – Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your wealth of knowledge, patience and willingness to work through things with me. Best case is that you never hear from me again : ), but I’m grateful that if I do need to reach out, support from Torus Power is benchmark.”

Michael H.
New York

"The value of the Torus Power TOT Max is very much under rated and more people should be aware of its many virtues."

June 30, 2017 – Since I have been so happy with the result of the TOT AVR on my second system I have no hesitation in using another Torus Power unit for the big system. Thanks to your advice, I purchased the TOT MAX with confidence. The results were like many of your customers’ testimonials, however there are several points that your would be customers should know.

The Torus Power TOT series unit, because it is so affordable, would single handedly improve any system it is partnered with in every parameter. If any one is thinking of upgrading his or her system buy the Torus Power first, you will be more than pleased with the result and the money you have saved.

Nowadays more and more hi fi enthusiasts are experimenting with grounding boxes and claiming good results. The Torus Power unit does just that and more, and it costs a lot less than these ground boxes.

Finally the Torus does need running in and any prospective owners should be patient.

Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful service and useful advice. In my opinion, the value of the Torus Power unit is very much under rated and more people should be aware of its many virtues.”

Derek L.
Hong Kong

"It's just unbelievable"

March 22, 2017 – I bought the Torus Power TOT Mini for the reference turntable I have that sits too far from the TOT AVR to be plugged directly into it.  What I had done prior was run a 15′ heavy duty extension cord from the AVR into a very expensive power cord.

I knew that wasn’t a good solution, so I purchased the Mini as you suggested.  I let it run in for two days but in my upstairs demo room, and today plugged it into the turntable.  It’s just unbelievable what a positive effect it has on dynamics, bass, and overall quiet backgrounds.  It is not an optional accessory, but mandatory for every system!  I’ll need another Mini for my upstairs demo room!

Chris Russo
East End Hi-Fi

"The more I lived with Torus Power's TOT AVR, the more it delighted me."

February 28, 2017 – With the TOT AVR feeding my reference system of a Mark Levinson No.334 stereo amplifier driving a pair of Revel Ultima Salon2 speakers, I heard subtle improvements in imaging, soundstage depth, and instrumental timbres, as well as in dynamic range, resolution, and tonal balance. The TOT created jet-“black” backgrounds that enhanced the three-dimensionality of images even when dynamics were extreme or the volume was loud. The more I lived with Torus Power’s TOT AVR, the more it delighted me. In my system, the TOT AVR improved musical detail and three-dimensional imaging for a wide range of music. I couldn’t have imagined how much this little power transformer could become a necessary part of my audio system until I’d lived with it for nearly a year.

Larry Greenhill
Stereophile Review

"It was the perfect answer to a frustrating problem...and this solved it 100%."

January 2, 2017 – I installed the Torus Power AVR20 yesterday, and I could not be happier… It is gorgeous, dead quiet, and works beautifully… solid, powerful, stable, everying good in a power product… especially QUIET…

I’m so delighted to know about your product line and will be a proud and vocal advocate of these products to my audio buddies worldwide…

It was the perfect answer to a frustrating problem… and this solved it 100%

Many many thanks… and I’m so happy to have this. It was the missing/annoying part of the system, and now it is “all good!”….

John H
San Francisco, CA

"Magnificent piece of equipment."

August 2015 – “Every so often you get the pleasure of being blown off your feet in business by a team of professionals. From point of contact, sales team, engineering, custom product development, packaging, to delivery…110%. Well done Torus Power. Magnificent piece of equipment.”

Greg Celi Jr.
Celi Electric Lighting Inc.

"The system has more dynamics, bass extension and clarity. Sound improvements that are very welcome."

April 26, 2015 – I have been having problems with an intermediate transformer hum in a 240vac Krell FPB300cx Power Amplifier. It appears to be due to noise on the house incoming 240vac power supply from local industry and is worse through the week when they are working. I have tried a number of different devices (DC blockers and filters) but nothing has worked to stop the 2kVA transformer hum. I contacted Len Wallis Audio in Sydney who sells Krell and Torus Power and they suggested using a Torus Power transformer. My Torus Power AVR 16 AUS CB arrived and is working well. So far the Krell transformer has been quiet. And as an added bonus the system has more dynamics, bass extension and clarity. Sound improvements that are very welcome.

Gavin S

"The soundstage is simply incredible with more definition, more balance, silky smooth highs"

TP-WM-1Let’s see where to start. I have been an audiophile for years now. I tried a few high-end wires (even ones in the 4-5 grand range) and cords and even a few conditioners but always had to strain my ears and brain to hear a difference. In the end I didn’t bother with any of it cause I thought it could very well be my imagination or perhaps my hearing simply wasn’t good enough to detect any change. So I figured my money was better spent elsewhere (at least for me). I have heard drastic changes when changing loudspeakers or rooms, significant changes when changing from a cheap preamp to a Bryston and also some digital sources.

I have heard very small to moderate changes between amps (usually small). I read so many glowing comments on the Torus Power transformer that I decided to revisit this area in my system and so ordered a Torus RM-15 which arrived yesterday. My 2 channel system consists of B&W 802D speakers, Bryston BP-26 preamp, Sony’s newest 5400 SACD player and Bryston 4B SST amp. All wires are Bryston and Bluejean.

I plugged the Torus RM 15 in and decided to let things settle for about 10 hours (as it was cold from transit). After this initial period I threw in the first CD and was astonished at the change as I really wasn’t expecting much if anything. The soundstage is simply incredible with more definition, more balance, silky smooth highs seem to extend into nothingness, voice is more pinpoint and incredibly natural without any edge, bass is more taught etc. I could go on and on but frankly I want to get back to my system.

I will say this. It is very very seldom that a change in my system makes me want to revisit all my CD collection but the Torus has done just that. At the price it is an absolute steal. Those of you who have one already know this but for those who don’t I would highly recommend and audition. I would only offer one other piece of advice regarding the Torus, don’t audition one until you can afford it cause you are not going to want to be without it.

Bub T.

"Overall, the Torus RM 20 is quite the winner"

Background:Almost a year ago, I replaced a Sonic Frontier Line 1 pre, and two Power 1 amps (vertical biamp) in my main system, with a BP 26 and a 14 BSST, also from Creative Audio. I spent a fair amount of time tweaking those pieces with power cord changes, footers, cardas caps, and more recently swapping out almost all my IC’s to Bryston ones, replacing more expensive, but not as good sounding, cables.

So main core of the system is basically Bryston. Other components include a VPI Scoutmaster to a very tweaked Slee Era Gold V phono section, digital side is done by a Musical Fidelity A3 CDP used as a transport to a Musical Fidelity Trivista DAC (where the Bryston cable also makes a great digital cable), and the tuner is a Parasound Halo T3, connected by XLR to the pre. Speakers are Martin Logan Aeons.(with Goertz M1.3cables)

Almost everything has been tweaked. Atlantis Reference stands (2), with clumping kitty litter in the tubes, Linn skeets under the top shelves and bottom of the stands, 3 inch maple block under the TT, footers include Tara Lab vanishing points, BDR’s, and Finite Element ceraballs, and more Linn skeets under the speakers.

Power cords are a range from Moray James, into almost all things including the speakers. I am aware that power matters, and that power cords tend to improve things, but also that they react differently to individual components. Everything was originally plugged into a Panamax 5510, with power set to balanced on the 4 transformer based lines (regenerated ) which I used for the CDP, DAC,

Winnipeg Canada

"We Love it .. great product!"

… just want you to know that we got the Torus and used it for the show in Göteborg this weekend. It was fantastic. The show was excellent and we received many comments like “best show sound” etc…. Certainly there was a great difference between running on “hotel power” and the incredible foundation given by the Torus. We really loved the way it gave “super-strength” to the gear which sounded just fantastic, and bottomless-powerful. We love it! Great Product!

Mvh, Robert, Sweden

"I’m amazed that such a ‘simple’ change can yield such a noticeable improvement."

James, you helped me with some pre-purchase questions and I’d like to pass on some very positive feedback from my RM-10 and BCD-1 experience: both products work very well and I’ve been particularly impressed with the RM-10. I’ve changed CD players before and had a general idea of what to expect, but had never tried any kind of power filter / conditioner / isolator before. So, since I live in a condo building I thought I might be more subject to power line noise than a house so thought some basic conditioning might be a good idea.

I’m amazed that such a ‘simple’ change can yield such a noticeable improvement. While I wouldn’t say the improvement(s) were dramatic, they were definitely significant and more than justify the RM-10 investment. Here’s the comment you gave me pre-purchase: ”I think you would find everything sounds more relaxed and easier to hear small details in the music with the Torus. The noise floor gets lowered and you really can hear more into things.” This was exactly my experience and I’d add that my soundstage is definitely more 3-dimensional. I have two sources, a tuner and a BCD-1 and I’ve noticed the most pronounced change with the tuner. I had only had the BCD-1 for a little while before receiving the RM-10, so maybe my ears were not as accustomed to the BCD-1 sound as with my tuner? Anyway, I am very pleased with both components. Thanks for any advice.


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It's Just Wonderful

February 18, 2022 – Product is RM 20 – I Just wanted to give you an update or how wonderful the beast is. The difference is such that I have to, in a sense, get used to this better sound given so many details and nuances now apparent. The best difference thus far is the “airiness” about the music and around the artists. Even my wife who really doesn’t ever listen came to listen and mentioned that. It’s just wonderful!” 

TM | Winnipeg, MB

The benefits of the Torus Power AVR2 ELITE 20 isolation transformer are too apparent to ignore!

Jan 1, 2021 – Taking nothing away from the performance of superb high end components like the Pass Labs X250.8 plugged directly into wall receptacles, the benefits of the Torus Power AVR-2 ELITE20 Isolation Transformer are too apparent to ignore. Besides protecting them from potentially damaging AC power incidents and providing excellent remote Web monitoring and controlling options, with its extraordinary Toroidal Isolation, it delivers the ultimate in clean and instantaneous current, allowing them to achieve their full potential. And, for that, I give it a hearty recommendation. 

Juan C. Ayllon | Posi+ive-Feedback

The Torus Power TOT AVR provides a huge lift in audio performance!

Dec 1, 2020 – The Torus Power TOT AVR provides a huge lift in audio performance! In addition to the wealth of technologies – Series Mode Surge Suppression, Power Isolation, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Ethernet Monitoring, and LONO to name a few. A demonstration leaves no confusion – your system simply performs better with Torus Power.

Frank Prowse Hi-Fi, Australia

Frankly I am thrilled!

May 16, 2020 – I am 100% fully satisfied…and frankly thrilled with what I am hearing from the system!

Lloyd L. | London, UK

What an excellent audio component

May 11, 2020 – My Torus Power RM 20 continues to shine, and what an excellent audio component. Every weekend, the sound continues to improve.

Henry B. | Pittsburgh, PA

Hair raising difference...WOW!

November 1, 2019 – “Well, to my surprise, the Torus Power RM 20 arrived early, and in time for the weekend! So I hooked it up using a 20 amp breaker and proper socket. Firstly, it dimmed the lights like never before. Ha-ha! Then we sat and started listening. From reviews I’ve read I was expecting a nice change in our familiar reference songs. What I didn’t expect is an immediate and rather overwhelming difference…The hair-raising kind.

I must say I am so happy we talked and that I took your advice. This RM 20 is remarkable in so many ways. Silence, drop in noise floor, increased dynamic range, pace, pause. Wow, I sound like a salesman. I’m a Torus lifer.”

David M, Surrey, BC

“I’ve got the best system that technology and the industry can provide – and it’s just so much fun to work.”

March 1, 2018 – John Mayfield has been in the audio industry since 1974 as a recording and mix engineer. He started Mayfield Mastering in 1996, and recently installed the Torus Power RM 45 BAL to upgrade the power foundation in the studio and protect the sensitive electronic equipment being used. While the initial impetus for the upgrade revolved around protecting Mayfield’s significant investment, he also sought to preserve the integrity of the recordings created in his top-reputation studio.

With hundreds of hours of recording happening on any given day, any system inconsistencies can affect the final product, coloring the master mix in a way that diminishes the original recording. The Torus Power RM 45 BAL unit ensures that any changes to the mix are purposeful. “The consistency of the product leaving the building is amazing,” says Mayfield. “I built the room in 2003, and it’s never sounded better. I don’t know of any system that’s better at this point.”

With a room that already sounded “incredible,” as Mayfield described it, he wasn’t sure that any improvement was possible, let alone expecting to hear a tangible improvement in the sound quality. When the Torus Power RM 45 BAL was installed, Mayfield was surprised and pleased to hear the difference, particularly a tighter bottom end. “When you get to this level, you can only make improvements in small and expensive steps,” he says. “I’ve finally got the perfect studio.”

John Mayfield
Mayfield Mastering
Nashville, TN

"My all-time best audio investment!"

November 21, 2017 – My Torus RM 16 and my TAD Evolution One speakers are my all-time best audio investments! They are here to stay!!

Martin O.
Stockholm, Sweden


March 28, 2017 – Without exception this has been the single best, most surprising, system upgrade I ever did. I expected a lower noise floor….but didn’t expect timber improvements, better mids, cleaner bass, smoother highs, better imaging and better integration of the surround speakers. I used to be able to localize parts of the surround image coming from the surround speakers at times with certain songs—but now the 3D space is totally seamless. The system is also much, much, warmer than it was before—it’s like the system now sounds “smooth”.

Rock music sounded crappy on the system before: flat, hollow, and thin are words I’d use to describe it. Now it’s like…BAM! Rich, deep, powerful, in-your face. The system is much more dynamic—I never knew what people meant by that until now. The system used to sound like I was using a dynamic range compressor with a really slow attack. With the Torus unit it sounds like someone turned the compressor off.

I kept saying to my wife while I was listening to it….”wow…this thing really is doing something.” I didn’t have to try and hear the improvements from the Torus unit—they were instantly totally obvious. And I was like—”holy cow, this thing really works!”. You have no idea how rare that has been in my 25 year audiophile experience: I’m used to companies selling “snake oil” system improvement—not the real thing.

Mike D.,
United States

"Boy, what a huge difference the Torus Power RM 45 has made on the Classé CT-SST AV Processor. It now sounds a level or two better than ever."

February 28, 2017 – I really couldn’t tell much of a difference initially. However, now after a couple of weeks, I am experiencing a substantial lack of “electronic” sound and a bass tightness that is unprecedented in my system.

With my system, everything is sharing the load and no piece of electronics is even remotely stressed. My multi channel system uses the same two front speakers and associated electronics as a unity gain pass through. I am using a Classé CT-SST for my AV processor. I hadn’t played it since installing the Torus because I was concentrating on the 2 channel setup. Boy, what a huge difference the RM 45 has made on the Classé. It now sounds a level or two better than ever.

Overall, I am very pleased now that things (and I) have settled in. The bass definition and extension is superb and there is a total lack of electronic sound which is absolutely fabulous. I am a big fan now and will be pleased to talk up this piece of equipment as the opportunity arises.

Greg Timbers Van Nuys, CA

“Power isolation using a toroidal transformer, such as the one used in my Torus Power AVR 15 Plus, is the best way of cleaning the AC power.”

March 1, 2017 – Power isolation using a toroidal transformer, such as the one used in my Torus Power AVR 15 Plus is the approach that is used by hospitals, military, and laboratories around the world since it is the best way of cleaning the AC power.

Too many people do not understand and/or discredit the use of power conditioning in high-end audio and/or home theatre system. This is understandable due to some of the bad effects that come along with many power conditioning products (usually the cheaper kinds). One must understand, however, the fact that all of our electronics are simply modulators of AC power. Transforming this AC power into useful forms doesn’t change this basic fact, and the end result can only be as good as the power with which we start. Thus, the need for a properly designed power conditioning product that does no harm.

Bottom line: before you start changing your power cables with higher quality ones in the hopes of getting a better audio and video experience, clean the power itself first. Trust me, you need it.

David Susilo
WiFi HiFi Magazine

“The sound is seriously a night and day difference. Our PSB speakers have been woken up by Torus Power.”

February 27, 2017 – The sound (of the Torus Power AVR 15 Plus) is seriously a night and day difference. Quite obvious actually. The living room just sounded so FULL and the bass was sooo tight. Actually, the music was full, punchy, tight, colorful, etc. Me being a bass player, I loved the bass that I had never heard before! Our PSB T8 tower, center, and surround speakers have been woken-up by Torus Power! The sound is a HUGE improvement! THANK YOU! I’m a believer in your products!!!

Lee J. Louie
Torrence, CA

"I was reminded of how great this Torus Power product is – it is DEAD QUIET..."

February 26, 2017 – I was listening to my system today on a rare “day in my office” at home, enjoying some music and was reminded of how GREAT this Torus Power product is – it is DEAD QUIET… does it’s job just beautifully in every way, and really creates such solid power to all these wonderful audio components…

Trinnov Amethyst preamp (AMAZING, btw), dCS and Aurrender digital, Ayre MX-R 20 amps, Wilson Alexx & Watch Subs… Pretty great…

I just could NOT be happier with this, and wanted you to know that…

I’ve told SO many people about this, and I’m hopeful many have resulted in sales to you guys…

BTW, great review in Stereophile…

John H
San Francisco, CA

"Aha, so THIS is how my setup REALLY sounds!? Wow!!"

February 10, 2017 – Dear Torus Crew!

I have finally bought an RM 16 CE. It took me many years to get over that mental threshold and make up my mind. After having first auditioned the …RM 16 one thought struck me: “Aha, so THIS is how my setup REALLY sounds!? Wow!!” Can’t tell you how pleased I am! Thank you all and have a great weekend!

Martin Ölmedal
Stockholm, Sweden

"I would recommend a Torus unit for any audio application."

August 2, 2016 – We have been running our new Torus TOT unit for a couple of weeks now. It seems to be mostly broken in, which is to say, the connected devices seem to sound better now by quite a margin. It might improve some more, though. We’ve had it on 8-10 hours most days.

We also upgraded our Magnum Dynalab tuner with Teflon capacitors in the signal chain, new tubes, and a general tune-up. Connected to the TOT, it sounds better than it ever did. There is more low mid and deep bass, more signal in the prominent mid-range, and the top is quite airy with a decent soundstage. It is, by far, the best sounding FM tuner I have ever heard now.

I would recommend a Torus unit for any audio application. In fact, they are on my list to upgrade my professional audio in my lab. I do audio R&D projects, and have lots of recording and playback equipment that could benefit from adding an isolation transformer.

James G
Pasadena, CA

“Every once in a while we run across a company that is truly all about the customer.”

2015 – In this day and age of customer no-service, and 50 ways to say no, every once in a while we run across a company that is truly all about the customer. We needed a 240V, 30Amp isolation transformer for our project system. We couldn’t find one with the attributes we needed. Our thanks to Torus Power who in 2.5 weeks, designed, engineered, manufactured and shipped exactly what we needed (complete with ESA approval). “We don’t have” is not in their vocabulary. When was the last time you heard “what do you need and when do you want it”? Thanks guys!

Dennis Erskine
Erskine Group

“I heard very clear and clean sound with most impressive, absolutely tight bass.”

August 2015 Torus Power RM 15 Review – California Audio Show- Lone Mountain Audio and AcousticFrontiers exhibited a mid-price system that included the Aurender N100H 2TB music server w/Tidal integration ($2699), DEQX PreMate speaker/room corrector and digital preamp ($4999), ATC P1 dual-mono 150Wpc power amp ($3599), ATC SCM40v2 loudspeakers ($6999/pair), JL Audio E112 subwoofer ($1899), Torus Power RM 15 isolation transformer/power transformer ($2199), and Wireworld cabling ($1599 total). Listening to Terry Evans singing “Down in Mississippi,” streamed via Tidal, I heard very clear and clean sound with most impressive, absolutely tight bass. Low frequencies especially excelled, but the overall presentation lacked the expansive, warm, and naturally unbloated midrange that invariably floats my boat.

Regardless, the system’s clarity and enviable control left me eager to explore what a Torus Power unit would sound like in my own system. The incentive that I could plug it into the wall via a stock power cord (of the same gauge as the Nordost Odin 2 power cords I’m now using) without loss of sound quality left me especially enthused.

Jason Serinus
Stereophile Magazine

“The client reported back that he is thrilled with the results.”

July 2015 – The client picked up his AVR 15 Plus on Saturday, and reported back over the weekend that he is thrilled with the results. This is great news, as this client’s system cost is in excess of $180K and even I sometimes wonder at times the limitations of products such as the Torus when we get to these highly resolving, extremely musical systems. This is a great testimonial.

Paul Manos
The Audio Shoppe
Hingham, MA

“Check out Canadian Torus Power. Their top-shelf units, which incorporate high-quality Toroidal transformers, can’t be beat.”

September 21, 2014 – The most neglected—as in not installed—component of home theater is a good power transformer. The power delivered to the average home is relatively dirty, thus requiring this “conditioning.” Unlike surge protectors (power strips), Power Transformers (sometimes called “line conditioners”) regulate the voltage of the power they receive. In short, these devices take dirty power and make it clean, removing spikes and noise, the elements that slowly kill electronic devices such as home theater equipment. Think of the purchase of a power transformer as an insurance policy that helps prevent power-related problems, which typically cause small levels of damage that accumulate over time. Most consumers have no clue that long-term dirty power is the culprit behind many electronic malfunctions and failures.

If you have a high-end home theater and want an equally high-end power transformer, check out Canadian Torus Power. Their top-shelf units, which incorporate high-quality Toroidal transformers, can’t be beat—and will set you back a couple of thousand dollars. But this is the Rolls Royce of power conditioning. If you want the best and have the coin, these units are the bomb.

Curt Robbins
Home Theater for the Internet Age

"The AVR 30 has already made significant improvements to the background noise"

Jun 16, 2014 – The AVR 30 has already made significant improvements to the background noise. There is almost no hissing sound from the speakers. It’s very quiet when playing vinyl – typical phono MC stage gain noise is gone, the soundstage size is wider and deeper, and there is pinpoint accuracy of instruments and vocal placement. I can hear things I never heard before.