Torus Power Isolation Transformer Key Benefits

1. Provide more dynamic range for superior audio performance.

Here’s how: Torus Power provides very low source impedance to connected devices. A low impedance power source enables high current delivery on an instantaneous basis, ensuring components are not starved for power. For example, a typical 200W audio amplifier demands 10A RMS current from a 120V line but may demand up to 50A instantaneous peaks.

A 15A or 20A Torus Toroidal Power Isolation Transformer can deliver 300A or 400A peaks when the system demands it, allowing the highest power amplifiers to deliver maximum performance and dynamics without strain or compromise.

The High Instantaneous Current Capability provides the expanded dynamic range experienced when using Torus Power.

2. Protects your equipment with superior surge protection

Here’s how. Torus Power uses series mode surge suppression (SMSS) technology to fully protect your equipment from damaging lightning strikes and power surges. Torus Power’s Series Mode Surge Suppression does not shunt the voltage spike to ground like MOV’s do, and therefore the ground remains stable and uncontaminated. Torus Power’s surge suppression has clamping voltage onset that absorbs voltage surges more than 2V above peak nominal line voltage. Torus units are built to surpass IEEE endurance standards that require products to withstand lighting strikes of 6000 volts, 3000 amps with 1000 repeats.

3. Provides total power isolation from the outside power grid

Here’s how: Torus Power provides total isolation from the outside power grid through a proprietary-designed and built Toroidal Isolation transformer that eliminates electrical noise caused by sources such as motors, lights, appliances and dimmers commonly found in the home environment. Therefore, providing power to your system via a Torus Power isolation transformer is infinitely superior to using wall power that is increasingly polluted and noisy.

4. Offers better grounding and higher power capability

Here’s how: Torus Power builds many models with power ratings beyond 20 Amp, the power rating where most other manufacturers stop. In fact, at Torus Power we build models with power ratings of 90 Amps, 100 Amps, and beyond, to suit a variety of applications for the residential, commercial, pro and industrial markets. Using a single, larger isolation transformer to power systems will provide a superior ground connection, lower the noise floor of the entire system, and effectively reduces the possibility of ground loops.

5. Torus Power units are inherently quiet

Here’s how: Torus Power utilizes ‘LONO’ (Low Noise) transformer design technology, which eliminates audible noise in the power transformer regardless of line conditions, DC offset and over-voltage. Torus Power products perform at the NC10 level measured on the standard NC (Noise Criterion) rating, making them ideal for use in even the most demanding environments such as professional recording and broadcast studios, as well as in home theater and large-scale audio/video systems.

6. Cleaner power provides cleaner sound

Here’s how: Torus Power products utilize “NBT” (Narrow Bandwidth Technology) to attenuate differential and common-mode noise without using external circuits or components. NBT technology starts at a lower corner frequency (2 kHz) than other systems, and the result is startling. Dramatic improvements are immediately noticeable in audio and video systems.

7. Automatic Voltage Regulation enhances performance and equipment longevity

Here’s how: Torus Power’s automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology provides stable voltage to connected equipment, regardless of fluctuations in the incoming line voltage. Voltage fluctuations cause stress to electronic components and sensitive microprocessors within the components which often will cause premature failure. With the degradation of the power grids worldwide, automatic voltage regulation provides the extra assurances of peak performance and longevity for valued audio and video equipment. Why? It’s really quite simple. Equipment operating at the optimal voltage will perform better and last longer.

8. IP Based Ethernet Monitoring & Control

Torus Power IP addressable models meet the needs of the custom installation industry with cloud control or IP based monitoring and control. All AVR and AVR2 models feature a built in web browser interface accessible on the local area network, via VPN, or through ihiji remote network management. Other useful features include password control, automatic e-mail notification of fault conditions, and delayed switch-on (5 seconds) when power is turned on, or restored. All Torus models equipped with the AVR feature also include RS232 control and are compatible with Crestron and Savant systems.

9. Custom Control

The AVR2 series extends the capabilities with individual IP addressable duplex outlet zones, scheduling, and automatic reboot features. Compatible with ihiji cloud based monitoring and control. Crestron and Savant modules are also available.

To see how Torus Power products perform in real-world scenarios, take a look at some of the comments our customers have made about their Torus Power experience.  Customer Testimonials