Torus Power Connect

Provides remote power management

NEW! Torus Power AVR Elite featuring the all new Torus Power Connect remote power management system

Torus Power Connect

About Torus Power Connect

Torus Power Connect is a powerful cloud-based website developed by Torus Power for control, configuration, data logging and reporting.

Torus Power Connect provides Dealers and Installers with a customer dashboard to access each installation, enabling remote access, troubleshooting, and control via a browser interface on a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The same features are available for Torus Power Connect users for their individual installation. 

Torus Power Connect features

  • Enables installers or users to remotely manage an AVR ELITE via web browser on a computer, smart phone or tablet.
  • Installer Dashboard for power control management of single or multiple installations.
  • Real time power data.
  • Historical power data reporting to verify and proactively address power source issues.
  • Manually control the on/off state of each power outlet zone.
  • Data logging and cloud storage
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows for transparent firmware updates and feature enhancements.

​Torus Power Connect System Status Screen

The status screen indicates Input and Output Voltages, Current, Power Consumption, and Line Distortion. Refresh Button pulls data in Real Time.

Torus Power Connect Status, Control, Reporting and Configuration

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