Affordable TOT Series

Compact & affordable, the TOT series improves performance of audio & video systems.

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Acclaimed RM Series

The original Torus Power models in the RM Series remain unparalleled for performance, protection, and value, with models from 5 Amp to 100 Amp.

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AVR Series

A full-feature state-of-the-art power transformer and voltage stabilizer, with built-in web browser interface for remote monitoring and control.

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New AVR2 Series

The AVR2 series includes the most feature-rich models in the Torus Power line-up, with enhanced Ethernet control and monitoring, individual outlet control, plus more.

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ABOUT Torus Power

Torus Power Toroidal Isolation power transformers are the world’s finest clean power source for audio, video, and control systems. Built to a no-compromise standard of quality, performance and reliability, Torus Power transformers are engineered to perform and protect like no other.


Torus Power Toroidal Isolation power transformers incorporate original technology including Narrow Bandwith Technology, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Series Mode Surge Suppression, Instantaneous High Current Capability, Toroidal Transformer Isolation, IP Based Ethernet Monitoring and Control and more.


Torus Power Toroidal Isolation power transformers dramatically improve the performance of all audio and video systems. Connect audio equipment to a Torus Power transformer and it comes alive – with more dynamics, improved imaging, and cleaner, enhanced bass. Video is crisper, with darker blacks, and brighter colours.

CEPro Discovers the AVR2 power transformer from Torus Power at CEDIA 2014



CEPro’s tour shows how the AVR2 power transformer cleans up dirty power.

TOT Power Isolation Transformers – Torus Power Shows New Series at ISE 2014



Torus Power TOT Power Isolation Transformers at ISE 2014 make audio and video look amazing.

I have never experienced a component that so dramatically affected the system performance, in a positive way, as this new Torus piece has. The tighter bass, the mellower highs, the improved sound stage…WOW!

John G

August 2014

The Torus Power RM-15 Plus power isolation transformer utilizes a unique toroidal transformer specifically designed for audio and video purposes by a company called Plitron Manufacturing.

Norm Luttbeg

Nov 2012, Stereo Times

It has been everything I hoped for. My system has returned to full fidelity giving me every ounce of performance I recall prior to its utter collapse over 1 year ago. I waited a few weeks to report on its success.

Frank G

April 2015


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