SS-ICONTorus Power protects connected equipment through innovative series mode surge suppression that also pays attention to keeping the power clean.

Most surge suppression circuits are shunt-mode. Excessive voltage surges are “shunted” to ground, which raises ground voltage and may contaminate audio and video signals. Torus Power’s design absorbs surges more than 2V above peak line voltage, so ground is not affected.

Torus Power surge suppression meets IEEE endurance standards of 6000 Volts, 3000 Amps, with 1000 repeats.

Torus Power further innovates by using the Toroidal Isolation transformer to replace the series inductor typically used by other brands. This ensures extremely low stray magnetic fields within the chassis.

Application Notes: The surge suppression module in your Torus Power product uses active technology to safely & effectively suppress surges caused by lightning strikes. The use of active technology means that in order for the surge suppression module to function correctly the power to your Torus product must be on. The surge suppression module in your Torus Power product is designed to suppress short duration spikes on the line which are commonly found when utility lines are struck by lightning. This technology does not offer protection to low or high line voltage conditions that may be present during power brownouts, blackouts and the subsequent restoration of power.