Clean Power for Custom AV Systems

Benefiting custom-installed AV systems, the 10-outlet Torus RM 15 Custom-Series Balanced Power Isolation Unit (PIU) power transformer offers 240 V balanced input and 120 V output with high power capability, total isolation, surge suppression, and noise reduction.*

Balanced 240 V input is provided from two x 120 V phases and supplies highest power capability and noise cancellation.
The Toroidal Isolation transformer steps-down the 240 V input to 120 V to power your equipment.

How Torus RM 15 Balanced Improves AV Performance

Noisy AC power delivery adversely affects every aspect of your Audio/Video system. From diminished resolution and dimensionality in audio playback to lifeless colors and poor contrast in video display.

Isolation Units (PIUs) totally ISOLATE your audio/video system from these harsh AC power line realities and provide state-of-the-art protection and performance.

The Torus PIU’s deliver true isolation along with low source impedance and large enough instantaneous current for today’s most sophisticated and powerful audio amplifiers. (Most products in the category are simple filters and do not provide isolation between the outside power grid and the inside power source).

The ever-present risk of severe power line spikes caused by everything from machinery and common household appliances to lightning storms is a constant threat to your system. Torus provides state-of-art protection and series-mode surge without the use of failure-prone MOVs (metal oxide varistors).

Torus Power Isolation Units provide Clean AC Power to enable you to obtain the performance your audio and video products are capable of. They also protect your valuable equipment through the advanced series mode surge suppression.


Benefit #1: Very Low Source Impedance and High Current

Torus Power isolation units present low impedance to any electronic device that is connected to them. A Single 20 amp Torus PIU has an output impedance of 0.2 ohms and can deliver 400 amp peaks (instantaneous current). The 100 amp unit only has .04 Ohms of output impedance. A typical 200 watt audio power amplifier demands 10 amps RMS current from a 120 volt line (1200VA) but may demand up to 50 amp instantaneous peaks. The standard residential wall receptacle can’t supply the 50 amp peaks because they typically have higher nominal impedance. A Torus 20 amp PIU plugged into the same wall plug can supply these peak current requirements quite easily.


Benefit #2: Series Mode Surge Suppression Instead of MOVs

The Torus Power products use the finest, most elaborate surge suppression technology available. Series Mode Surge Suppression does not shunt the spike to ground like MOV’s do, and therefore the ground is infinitely more stable in a Torus Power device.

Additionally, most MOV-based surge suppression units allow as much as 300 volts through to the protected components, easily enough to do substantial damage, where as Torus surge suppression has clamping voltage onset of around 2V above peak nominal voltage. Torus units are built to meet 6000 volts, 3000 amps at 1000 repeats standard.


Benefit #3: Total Isolation from Outside Power Grid

Torus Power products provide isolation through its finest designed toroidal transformer between the outside power grid and the devices being protected. Such isolation helps to reject external noise sources such as motors, lights, and dimmers commonly found in the home environment.

Torus Power products provide noise filtering at a range from approximately 2000 Hz to over 1 MHz. Most regular transformer based products do not start operating until nearly 10,000 Hz.


Benefit #4: High Power Capability

There are 15 models of Torus Power products available ranging from 2.5 amps to 100 amps and 120/240 Volts. Torus has recently introduced NEMA wall-mount units, which are typically placed at the hydro panel for whole-house or whole-room power line isolation and protection.


Benefit #5: Low Noise

Torus products utilize Plitron ‘LONO’ (Low Noise) transformer design technology that eliminates audible noise in the power transformer regardless of line conditions, DC offset and over-voltage. Torus products perform at the NC10 level measured on the standard NC (Noise Criteria) – which makes them suitable for use in very quiet environments such as professional recording and broadcast studios.

Benefit #6: Cleaner Power

Torus products utilize Plitron “NBT” (Narrow Bandwidth Technology) to attenuate differential and common-mode noise without external circuits or components, and starting at a lower corner frequency (2 kHz) than other systems. The Torus result is startling!



  • Design: 10 outlets
  • Provides clean AC power for custom installations
  • Plitron ‘LONO’ (Low Noise) transformer design technology
  • No failure-prone MOVs
  • Total isolation from outside power grid
  • Input Voltage and Frequency: Selectable 240 VAC (2 x 120 VAC, Balanced) or 208 VAC, factory wired for 240 VAC. Selectable: 208 VAC Range ± 10% (57-63)Hz
  • Input Current Limiting: 8 A Circuit Breaker
  • Input (inlet) connector Rear panel: 20A inlet
  • Line Cord (included): 240 V Type C
  • Input current rating: 8 A
  • Output voltage: 120V AC
  • Output Current Limiting: N/A
  • Output connector: Medical Grade Duplex 15A (Qty 5) 10 Outlets
  • Surge Suppression: Meets IEEE C62.41-1991: Series mode type; built to withstand 6000 volts, 3000 amps for 1000 repeats; with clamping voltage of 2 volts above peak nominal voltage
  • Noise Reduction: Performs as low pass filter, attenuating noise from 2kHz to 1mHz, with attenuation of 12 db/decade to 500 kHz


  • Size: 19″ wide, 17″ deep, 6.25″ high
  • Weight: 77 lbs
Product Name: TORUS RM-15 Product Brand: Torus Power Product Description: The original Torus Power models in the RM series remain unparalleled for performance, protection, and value, with models from 5 Amp to 100 Amp. Product Image: