Torus Power In the Studio with Mayfield Mastering.

Mayfield Mastering and Torus Power are featured in Commercial Integrator magazine.

Mayfield Mastering and Torus Power are featured in Commercial Integrator magazine.

John Mayfield, owner and founder of Nashville-based Mayfield Mastering, was one of the first studio engineers in the world to install the MB3-XBD-A 3-way active main monitor system from PMC. To protect this $80,000 investment and to ensure the pristine sound quality these best-in-class speakers are capable of the studio turned to the Torus Power RM 45 BAL

Maurice Patist, PMC USA’s president of sales and marketing, connected the studio with the technical engineer Arthur Kelm, CEO of Ground One, an AV consulting group, and Vice President of Engineering for Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA. Arthur spent some time listening to the finely-tuned room before helping John select the right Torus Power unit for the application. He suggested the Torus Power RM 45 BAL to power and protect the integrated Class-D amplifiers that are part of the MB3 active system. Working closely with the studio’s electrician, Arthur recommended running a fresh 240-volt feed off the breaker box into the RM 45 BAL. John, a first-time Torus Power user, says he’s been impressed with the consistent performance the RM 45 delivers. 

With a room that already sounded “incredible,” as John described it, he wasn’t sure that any improvement was possible, let alone expecting to hear a tangible improvement in the sound quality. When the Torus Power RM 45 BAL was installed, he was surprised and pleased to hear the difference, particularly a tighter bottom end. “When you get to this level, you can only make improvements in small and expensive steps,” he says. “I’ve finally got the perfect studio. The Torus Power RM 45 BAL unit ensures that the PMC amplifiers are fed with the purest power money can buy…ensuring their optimum performance day after day. That’s the consistency I need. I built the room in 2003, and it has never sounded better. I don’t know of any system that’s better at this point.”

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