Let’s see where to start. I have been an audiophile for years now. I tried a few high-end wires (even ones in the 4-5 grand range) and cords and even a few conditioners but always had to strain my ears and brain to hear a difference. In the end I didn’t bother with any of it cause I thought it could very well be my imagination or perhaps my hearing simply wasn’t good enough to detect any change. So I figured my money was better spent elsewhere (at least for me). I have heard drastic changes when changing loudspeakers or rooms, significant changes when changing from a cheap preamp to a Bryston and also some digital sources.

I have heard very small to moderate changes between amps (usually small). I read so many glowing comments on the Torus Power transformer that I decided to revisit this area in my system and so ordered a Torus RM-15 which arrived yesterday. My 2 channel system consists of B&W 802D speakers, Bryston BP-26 preamp, Sony’s newest 5400 SACD player and Bryston 4B SST amp. All wires are Bryston and Bluejean. I plugged the Torus RM 15 in and decided to let things settle for about 10 hours (as it was cold from transit).

After this initial period I threw in the first CD and was astonished at the change as I really wasn’t expecting much if anything. The soundstage is simply incredible with more definition, more balance, silky smooth highs seem to extend into nothingness, voice is more pinpoint and incredibly natural without any edge, bass is more taught etc. I could go on and on but frankly I want to get back to my system. I will say this. It is very very seldom that a change in my system makes me want to revisit all my CD collection but the Torus has done just that.

At the price it is an absolute steal. Those of you who have one already know this but for those who don’t I would highly recommend and audition. I would only offer one other piece of advice regarding the Torus, don’t audition one until you can afford it cause you are not going to want to be without it.

Bub T.