Hello James, Where do I start? I am simply overwhelmed with the amazing value the RM 15 has added to my system. At first the purchase was purely power isolation based to solve problems with varying voltage conditions resulting from my local grid.

However, after removing two simple Power Transformers and integrating the Torus RM 15 into my system, I now realize the money spent went further than ever imagined. The staging, sonically, everything has come together providing the ultimate experience. After being exposed and playing with various DBX products and sound processors the RM 15 has confirmed without doubt that the basics are truly essential.

Excellent clean isolated power is the essential starting point for any audio system. If anyone should ever doubt the cost of the Torus Power units just refer them to me. In my opinion the Torus RM 15 is the best money spent in my audio rack. Thank you, Sten R. Wilson