Torus Power RM-10

James, you helped me with some pre-purchase questions and I’d like to pass on some very positive feedback from my RM-10 and BCD-1 experience: both products work very well and I’ve been particularly impressed with the RM-10. I’ve changed CD players before and had a general idea of what to expect, but had never tried any kind of power filter/conditioner/isolator before. So, since I live in a condo building I thought I might be more subject to power line noise than a house so thought some basic conditioning might be a good idea.


I’m amazed that such a ‘simple’ change can yield such a noticeable improvement. While I wouldn’t say the improvement(s) were dramatic, they were definitely significant and more than justify the RM-10 investment. Here’s the comment you gave me pre-purchase: ”I think you would find everything sounds more relaxed and easier to hear small details in the music with the Torus. The noise floor gets lowered and you really can hear more into things.” This was exactly my experience and I’d add that my soundstage is definitely more 3-dimensional. I have two sources, a tuner and a BCD-1 and I’ve noticed the most pronounced change with the tuner. I had only had the BCD-1 for a little while before receiving the RM-10, so maybe my ears were not as accustomed to the BCD-1 sound as with my tuner? Anyway, I am very pleased with both components. Thanks for any advice.