The Torus unit, model RM 30 620R TVSS RK, arrived on 8/15 and was installed by my dealer on 8/22. It weighs in at 176 lbs. and rack mounting it in the equipment cabinet was no easy task. This unit was custom configured by Torus to give me 240v in/out, surge protection for the 7 Parasound Halo JC-1 amps along with power filtering. The unit has five output circuits controlling a total of 18 240v rear panel receptacles, each group is controlled by a separate front panel breaker switch.

I have been trying to make a mental list of all the components that I have gone through in the years that I have been involved in this “hobby,” I could not remember them all, but came up with a total of between 60-75. With all those changes/upgrades, I have never experienced a component that so dramatically affected the system performance, in a positive way, as this new Torus piece has. The tighter bass, the mellower highs, the improved sound stage…WOW! Understand, as a “half-empty” kind of guy, I do not make these statements lightly.

After the initial reaction, I began converting any piece in the system that was 120v-240v switchable and switched it to 240v then plugging it into the Torus Power RM 30 620R TVSS RK. This included a Parasound JC-2BP Pre-amp I am auditioning, the Oppo 105 player, and the Escient Vision movie server. In each case there was as incremental improvement in the audio and video (less video noise, especially dark noise). In addition, the build quality is first rate and for a piece that is designed for functionality, for the most part the styling is handsome.


“” John G. | August, 2014