Why use an isolation transformer? What makes an isolation transformer different and better?

A combination of artful engineering and precision manufacturing allows every Torus Power transformer to achieve an unmatched level of electrical isolation, operating as an electronic firewall and separating your sensitive electronic equipment from electrical impurities carried by the power grid while ensuring maximum system performance and preserving the integrity of audio and video signals.

Taking full advantage of toroidal geometry and more than 30 years of experience, the specially designed Plitron transformer at the core of every Torus Power unit operates effortlessly to deliver exceptional performance with no compromises.

Torus Power output: Perfectly clean power as the noise between line and neutral is eliminated.

Torus Power output: Perfectly clean
power as the noise between line and neutral is eliminated.

Torus Power products provide a smarter, simpler, and more effective technology to clean up dirty mains power. Relying solely on original, transformer-based NBT technology, Torus Power products restore incoming power to its clean original state – without the use of external components or circuitry.

Powered by Plitron’s innovative patented transformer technology and design expertise, Torus Power transformers restore incoming power to its clean original

state, while removing insidious noise and transients collected en route. Although the electrical supply is a virtually pure sine wave at the source, non-linear loads and asymmetries encountered during transmission send unwanted emissions back onto the power grid and power arriving at the load is contaminated with harmonic distortion and various unwanted electrical noises.

Torus Power’s simple, advanced but elegant solution resolves incoming power quality problems by harnessing the transformer’s inherent inductance, capacitance and resistance characteristics to act as a filter. Exceptionally high levels of attenuation are attained without the use of external components. By eliminating filters, series inductors, shunt capacitors and other passive reactive devices commonly used in Power Transformers, Torus Power products offer a noise floor at the lowest possible level.

nbtcurveRelying solely on Narrow Bandwidth Technology (NBT), Torus products provide a smarter, simpler and yet more effective technique to achieving clean power, ensuring that connected audio and video equipment will achieve optimum performance. Our exclusive NBT power transformers substantially attenuate differential and common mode noise, eliminating the requirement for external circuits such as low-pass filters. Starting at around 2kHz, NBT attenuates noise on the incoming line at about 12dB/decade up to roughly 700kHz. The average overall attenuation across the Torus Power product line is about 50dB – with no external components or circuitry. The chart shows a comparison of NBT vs. other technologies.

Ultra Screen Technology (UST) uses a highly effective electrostatic screen which capacitively couples high frequency noise to ground while maintaining the best possible inter-winding transfer at power frequencies.

When your system is powered by Torus, it is driven by a remarkably clean, regulated and low distortion sine wave, which has been filtered and restored using a patented Plitron NBT transformer.

Get inspired by articulate audio and dazzling video. The clean power supplied to your system will not only allow it to run cooler, last longer, and consume less energy, but also will allow audio video systems to achieve their optimal resolution and dimensionality – with blacker blacks and thundering bass – brought together by Torus Power to enhance the listening and viewing experience. Torus Power products provide a low source impedance which supplies abundant instantaneous energy as needed to deliver extended tight bass, increased dynamic range and high-definition audio reproduction.

Designed for use with today’s most sophisticated and powerful equipment, including ultra-high-powered audio amplifiers, Torus Power transformers bring out the best in your system.

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Why use an isolation transformer?

By Torus Power