Torus Power was well represented at this year’s Toronto audiofest which was held at the Westin Toronto Airport Hotel from October 18-20.

 In addition to being the power solution for Totem Acoustics, Martin Logan, Paradigm, and many other show exhibitors, Torus Power conducted A/B demos using Totem Acoustic’s renowned Forest Signature series loudspeakers powered by an ARCAM Integrated amplifier and a Torus Power RM 20 Isolation Transformer.

Throughout the weekend we demonstrated the performance benefits using Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘Tin Pan Alley’ (from the CD ‘Couldn’t Stand the Weather’). We started with the Arcam integrated amplifier powered from the wall outlet, and then we moved it over to the RM 20 and let visitors hear the difference.

The differences were startling, and several visitors were overheard in the halls and elevators praising the difference the RM 20 isolation transformer made.

Recent Torus Power RM 20 customer David M. from Surrey, BC summed it up nicely…”From reviews I’ve read I was expecting a nice change to my familiar reference songs. What I didn’t expect was an immediate and rather overwhelming difference…The hair-raising kind.” David went on to say “The RM 20 is remarkable in so may ways. Silence, drop in noise floor, increased dynamic range, pace, and pause. Wow!”

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