This beautiful home was built in 2009 and attacked five years later by category-four Hurricane Odile. The estate, which overlooks the Gulf of California in Los Cabos, BC, Mexico, suffered epic water damage to video displays, speakers and electronics. The low-voltage contractors, Torus Power dealer Fulkra of Costa Mesa, CA, chose a Torus Power WM 90 BAL AVR2 TVSS wall mount isolation transformer to provide stable power and unmatched protection for all connected equipment. Click here to read more.

Torus Power is on the Move!

Speaking of real estate, Torus Power Inc. is moving from its birthplace in North York (Toronto) to its new home in Oakville, Ontario. We have grown over the past two years and, in order for us to provide the best possible service to our customers, the time has come for a new, larger space.

The Oakville Tourism people say it best: Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto to one side and Hamilton to the other, the beautiful Town of Oakville is known for its picturesque harbours, vibrant shopping districts, active arts community and some of the best dining options in the Greater Toronto Area. Sounds like a great place to work. Count me in!

Here are our new coordinates effective May 25, 2016:

Torus Power Inc.

2861 Sherwood Heights Drive
Unit #26
Oakville, ON
L6J 7K1
+1-416-477-4799 or 1-877-337-9480