Juan Ayllon takes the new Torus Power AVR2 Elite 20 through its paces in Issue 113 (Jan. 1, 2021) of posi+ive feedback.

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“There is no equivalent to what the Torus Power isolation transformers can accomplish in any size installation,” he says. “Providing a steady stream of ample, clean power allows the system to perform at its very best and prevents it from being compromised.”

“Taking nothing away from the performance of superb high end components like the Pass Labs X250.8 plugged directly into wall receptacles, the benefits of the Torus Power AVR-2 ELITE 20 Isolation Transformer are too apparent to ignore. Besides protecting them from potentially damaging AC power incidents and providing excellent remote Web monitoring and controlling options, it delivers the ultimate in clean and instantaneous current, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

So good are Torus isolation transformers that Dennis Erskine, past Chairman of CEDIA (the renowned global trade association for design, manufacturing, and home technology integration) and CEO of Erskine Group, installed a custom Torus Power All-in-One (AIO) Series 11.8K isolation transformer in the Reference Home Theater at CEDIA headquarters in Fisher, Indiana.

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