Reprinted from Residential Systems written by Jeremy J. Glowack, published June 5, 2014

Torus Power Founder & CEO, Howard Gladstone

Torus Power Founder & CEO, Howard Gladstone

Torus Power Products, which are designed and manufactured by Plitron Manufacturing in Toronto, Canada, provide power management solutions for audio and AV systems, from 5 amps up to 100 amps, in a variety of packaging choices, including balanced input (2 x 120V) custom installation models for dedicated whole room systems, and 120V plug-in models. All Torus Power products feature Plitron Toroidal Isolation transformers, rather than passive filters. To learn more about this brand, RS interviewed president and CEO Howard Gladstone.

What is the most common misperception about power management that your company hears from custom integrators?

Two of the most common misconceptions we typically hear about with regard to power conditioning are that a consistent output voltage is all that’s needed and that filter-based Power Transformers are the way to go. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and in fact, this sentiment completely overlooks the equal or even greater importance of isolation and instantaneous, on-demand current availability.

How is this addressed with regard to the technology in your line?

While many products on the market use filter techniques, those that rely on electrical components are subject to failure, which is completely unacceptable in a professional environment let alone a residential one. On the other hand, Torus Power products use a magnetic element– Toroidal Isolation transformers–as our core technology. We went this route because not only do Toroidal Isolation transformers deliver scientifically demonstrable and completely measurable performance improvements to audio and video equipment, they also provide quantifiable protection for connected equipment.

What are the most important technical skills related to power management that your dealers need to know?
Torus Power’s AVR2 with balanced input is a power transformer and voltage stabilizer with a built-in web browser interface for remote monitoring.

Regardless of what your core technology focus is, it’s critical to understand not only how power affects sensitive audio-video components, but also how systems and components perform under all types of power conditions and events. For instance, when AV equipment is subjected to unstable input voltage, the resulting stress will lead to degraded performance and shortened equipment life. To combat this, Torus Power AVR technology delivers a constant and stable power supply that delivers dramatic results: audio demonstrates greater dynamic range, improved imaging, and enhanced bass, whereas video is delivered with darker blacks and brighter colors. The end result is a more immersive experience with greater depth, detail, and dimension.

Another key point is that dynamic power is critical to performance optimization, especially when amplifiers are part of the equation. Meaning, when the availability of dynamic power is restricted, the result is diminished dynamic range in the music and/or audible distortion. Torus Power Transformers are designed with this in mind and are capable of delivering high levels of instantaneous current when needed, negating the effects of restricted dynamic power.

Lastly, dealers and integrators must be aware of the possible dangers faced by audio-video
systems and how to safeguard components from their damaging effects. Electrical spikes and surges can damage and even destroy sensitive AV equipment. Lightning strikes are a common example, but everyday electrical events can be equally damaging. Our solutions feature series mode surge suppression, which we feel is a superior technology because unlike common MOV solutions, series mode surge suppression prevents contamination of the electrical ground and protects equipment from spikes and surges in a non-sacrificial manner.

What trends are impacting product plans for the brand?

Certainly, the home automation category’s explosive growth, coupled with increasing recognition that the power grid in many parts of the world is deteriorating, and products designed with planned obsolescence and/or throwaway technology have had a distinct influence on our product development. More importantly however, there’s been a conscientious movement toward quality without compromise, which suits us perfectly. Torus Power products have always been–and will always be– engineered to perform and protect like no other and built to last, plain and simple.