Are you looking for the next level of power conditioning performance? The latest software from Crestron offers computer interface control, monitoring, and adjustment of the Torus Power modules AVR/AVR2 via the RS232 interface.

Torus Power is pleased to announce that immediate availability of the CRESTRON module for Torus’ popular AVR and AVR2 series Power Transformers. The Torus Power unit offers Toroidal Isolation power conditioning, surge protections, voltage stabilization, with a web interface that allows for IP addressable outlets, scheduling, monitoring and control.

This is a highly advanced power conditioning unit. Crestron AVR 2 zonecontrol The Crestron modules are available as a free download to enable Crestron systems to control devices connected to Torus AVR/AVR2 modules via RS232.

The Torus Power module is available in models from 15Amp and up, in a variety of configurations.