Before I had the 15a and 20a (both balanced 240v), I had my electrician run I believe 6-7 gauge wire from my main panel and ran it up to my living room. He had installed 2X40a breakers in my main panel. In the living room,we put a sub panel that holds 8X15a breakers,so that gave me 8 duplex receptacles. 16 plugins (JUST IN CASE).

I was running a Hydra 6 (components) and 5X hydra 2s (power amps). When I heard about TORUS, AudioArk had a 15a balanced(240v) that I borrowed to check out. it was just as good or better than my Hydras, i had just about everything plugged in to the Torus. So since I wanted to separate components and amps(3X7Bssts+2X4B-ssts), I purchased a 20a(240v)Torus. As soon as hooked that up,We’ll I could not believe what was happening,more Bottom end,air ect. I e-mailed James tanner and asked what might be happening. I thought maybe I was getting older or losing it. the 15a wouldn’t let all that power unleash itself.

I believe if I remember correctly: 5X16.5a+82a(4ohms)+8 ohms=41a.2/3 of that,27a at 8 OHMS+65a at 4OHMS. So really with the 2X Torus,I have 35a.I already ordered a 45a balanced, as I’m trading the 15a in for the 45a and keeping the 20a(for components,sub,and 4bs(and the 45a for the7bs).

GETTING BACK to the sub panel,my electrician disabled 2 receptacles and gave me 2X240v receptacles. ALL I CAN SAY IS, WHAT AN UPGRADE THE TORUS’S MADE, HUGE,HUGE IMPROVEMENT. Sorry for the detail but I get right excited when I get a major improvement in my system.