The Torus arrived at Sage on a Thursday afternoon. On the following Monday one of our dealers called. They had recently installed a very good two-channel system for a customer and had a problem and wondered if we had any ideas of how to solve it. The customer lives out in the country and all kinds of nasty noise was affecting his system. The dealer had tried two other "power conditioning" products but neither could tame the problem. The dealer and their customer were frustrated.

We told the dealer that we had something here that might just be the answer. The guy on the phone had not been to CES but had heard from us about Torus, after the show. We told him we'd box up our demo Torus and get it to him right away, we thought the Torus might well solve the problem. I told the dealer that he could only have the Torus unit for three to five days, I had dealers who wanted to audition the Torus (the product had a buzz going after CES) so I was sorry but I couldn't let them keep it too long.

The dealer had the Torus two days later, set up an appointment with the customer, installed the Torus in the man's home for a trial. Right away, the dealer and the customer heard that the noise problem was gone, completely gone from the system. They told him they would come back over in three days to pick up the unit.

The three-day demo turned into two weeks. When the time came to remove the Torus from the customer's system it had become indispensable to him. He found the same thing we did in our system. When you remove the Torus from the system is when you realize how great it is, the system just doesn't sound as good anymore. (When we took the Torus out of our system at home and listened to the difference, we named the Torus "the magic box."

To cut to the chase, the customer said he had to keep the Torus and just wrote the dealer a check for it. As I said above, one doesn't really hear how good the Torus is until you remove it from the system, then you easily hear what you're missing.

Of course we had to push the other dealer demos back until we get a new demo unit but we couldn't be happier. We sent our demo unit into "the field" and it did just what was needed, and impressed the dealer and customer with it's performance. In short, it enabled the customer to listen to his system, not the noise in the power lines.

James, the Torus is a really great product. This experience, our first having the Torus in a customer's system was an unqualified success. We also have a dealer who just got the 60 amp version for one of their customers. I'll let you know how happy that customer is once the Torus is installed in that system.

Thanks, James, Brad and all at Bryston and Torus.

Tom McGehee
Sage Solutions
8810 Edgelake Trail
Rowlett, TX 75088