I had terrible electrical problems that popped up over the last year. With every new store, restaurant and business that opened up in my suburban downtown location, it seemed my system performance took a hit. At first we thought the problem was equipment-based and I spent a few months swapping preamps, amps, cables and anything else I could think of, trying to find the problem.


My system at this point was unlistenable. Collapsed soundstage, hard, brittle sounding with mud for bass. And that was on a good day! Finally at the end of my rope one day, I found an old Richard Gray isolation unit out in my garage and brought it in. I plugged my preamp in and heard a small improvement. I spoke with my dealer the next day and he brought out a 20A, 120V rack version of a Torus Power unit. I plugged my preamp, phono pre and CD player into it. Immediate improvement and hope!


I listened for a few weeks and there was enough there to make me commit to the massive 90A 300Lb Torus Power wall panel-mounted power  conditioner. I had to wait and hope for 7 weeks until it finally arrived. It has been everything I hoped for. My system has returned to full fidelity giving me every ounce of performance I recall prior to its utter collapse over 1 year ago. I waited a few weeks to report on its success to make sure the fix was permanent.


I’m confident now that it is. For me, the Torus Power unit is a necessity and not a luxury or tweak. I can’t say enough about it and I obviously highly recommend it.


Frank G., Chicago, IL, August 2014

For me, the Torus Power unit is a necessity and not a luxury or tweak. Frank G., Chicago IL, April 2015