Hi James,

Apparently my hearing isn’t the greatest because bass frequencies have always been a thick goo muddying around down there in the lower frequencies in my audio system. All that has changed with the addition of a Torus Powerline Conditioner to my system. I added a single 20A Torus unit to two 7B SST’s and one 4B ST that drive a pair of Nautilus 802’s.

It has opened up a whole new world for me. The clarity in the bass frequencies is there like it never was for me previously. It has brought out the details of music that I knew were there, but could not distinguish before.

It is so amazing that there is such a noticeable difference from what many would consider a frivolous extra. It definitely helps my ears make sense of the goo. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase of this Torus PIU. And, once again, thanks for ensuring that we in Alaska could have access to these fine products.

Best Regards,