By Ross Whitney – Technical Sales and Support for Torus Power

Look through any high-end AV dealer’s showroom or website for power conditioning equipment and you will find a number of approaches. Some Power Transformers are equipped with protection for phone, cable TV and satellite lines. Many units offer surge suppression. Some units offer battery backup or UPS capabilities. Others provide automatic voltage regulation. There are filters that promise to eliminate electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI). Several manufacturers offer balanced Power Transformers and others use inverters, oscillators and power amplifiers to regenerate a 120V 60Hz supply.

Many Power Transformers limit/restrict/throttle the amount of current that is available to the connected components. This matters most with dynamic components like high-powered amplifiers, AV receivers and powered subwoofers. Here’s what one well-known amplifier manufacturer had to say on the subject in 2007:

“Power line conditioners will not improve the…amplifier performance, in fact most of the time they restrict the flow of current to the amplifier, reducing performance at higher output levels.”

Fast forward to 2011 and the same manufacturer had this to say:

“Large power amplifiers can draw very substantial current from the wall plug, and many so-called Power Transformers can in fact hinder the supply of current by inserting resistances in series with the line cord.

However, there are now Power Transformers that can reduce or eliminate RF and ‘hash’ from the AC supply and may actually improve current delivery to your system. This type of power transformer (exemplified by ‘TORUS’ Power Transformers) uses the energy storage in a large toroidal transformer to provide high instantaneous power…”

At Torus Power our approach is based on Toroidal Isolation transformers that:

  • provide total isolation from the electrical grid,
  • educe EMI and RFI to an unmatched degree and
  • offer extremely low output impedance for high instantaneous power delivery.

Isolation from the grid is key. Every home, office and factory is connected to the grid and every electric utility customer contributes to its pollution. Motors, computers, appliances and machinery all draw their power from the grid and they all push noise, interference and other dirt back into it.

We can isolate sensitive equipment from this electrical pollution no matter if it originates from inside or outside of the home (or studio or theater or showroom). By connecting audio and video equipment to a Torus Power transformer we isolate the equipment from every source of pollution and we provide a clean supply of power, free of noise and interference.

This total isolation is available in every Torus Power product. As we move through the catalogue we add additional features such as series-mode surge suppression, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), smart Ethernet, custom control of outlet zones, scheduling, sequencing and more. Add as few or as many of these features as you want – the constant throughout the product line is transformer isolation.

Torus Power Toroidal Isolation transformers are engineered to perform and protect like no other. They truly are the world’s finest clean power source for audio, video and control systems.