Francesco Benvenuto is a recording engineer and producer in Dallas. When COVID-19 hit, he went from working in the world-class Luminous Sound Studio to working in his bedroom studio at home.


When he brought the gear home, Francesco was frustrated to find that the system was noisy and almost unusable. He reached out to friend and fellow engineer and producer Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI in Las Vegas (read about Luca’s story here), who recommended Torus Power to resolve his home-based noise problems.

Now every project that I work on using Torus Power, I have much more detailed response. I can hear what’s going on and make the right adjustments and decisions. And the clients have been very happy with the work.”

Francesco’s experiences with the transition to home-based mixing and mastering are documented in this month’s issue of Mix Magazine. For a sneak peek, check out Francesco’s great story.

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