Torus Power Hour Overview

Course Description: Torus Power Hour: Grounding power for high-end, high-performance installations.

What you need to know to properly power, protect, and preserve electronics. All-star panelists Dennis Erskine, Anthony Grimani, and Arthur Kelm share best practices, followed by a technology overview of key success factors.

Date:  Friday September 12, 2014
Time:  3:00 – 4:30 PM
Location: Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th Street, Denver, 80202, US
Room  605
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Session Overview:

Introduction 10-15 minutes, presented by Kevin Main, VP Sales & Marketing Torus Power

Why we’re here – The Torus Power story

Power is ubiquitous, but largely misunderstood

Four industry experts that specialize in system design, acoustics, and grounding share their insights, and weigh-in on the subject.

Anthony Grimani- World renowned expert with 6 patents, hundreds of rooms designed, and a 28 year career as an audio engineer, acoustician and musician. President, Media Specialty Resources, Inc.

Dennis Erskine- Award winning THX certified professional theater designer and acoustical engineer. Subject matter expert in the field of home theater design. Member of the board of directors (Vice Chairman) at CEDIA.

Arthur Kelm– Power & grounding expert and a leader in the audio industry for over 35 years. Director of Engineering, Capitol Records. CEO, Ground One.

Dr. Henry Pajooman– Ph.D., Southampton University and specialist in motors and magnetics. VP Engineering, Plitron manufacturing.

Introduction of host

David Rodarte- Champion of the CE industry and recipient of Consumer Electronics Association TechHome Leadership Award. Global business development and strategic planning expert. CEO, Changing Velocity. Past CEO and President, NuVo Technologies.

Panel Questions & Discussion (45 minutes) – Presented by David Rodarte

Discussion Topics:

1. When thinking about power, what are some of the high level considerations that you think about when working on a project?

2. Many integrators feel that so long as there is back up power (generator / UPS) and on/off IP control and monitoring that their responsibility to power management is covered. What other considerations, if any, do you typically include when designing systems?

3. A properly designed transformer will reduce noise, isolate the load from the electrical grid, and provide dynamic power availability for amplifiers, powered speakers and subwoofers. What are some of the symptoms that you’ve experienced in a system that only an isolation transformer could have resolved?

4. Although some integrators use Torus Power isolation transformers, many are unclear about why it’s necessary and, more importantly, how do you justify the investment in Toroidal Isolation products with your customers?

a) What are the most compelling reasons that lead you to use transformers in your systems?

b) What advice would you give to integrators that have heard that Toroidal Isolation transformers are important, but may not feel confident on the technical side to justify it to their clients?

5. How do you list Torus Power products when bidding?

a) Do you include it as part of the rack?

b) Do you list it as a separate line item?

c) Other important considerations?

Draw for prize giveaway of Torus Power AVR 20 Toroidal Isolation Power Transformer with Automatic Voltage Regulation.

* Must be pre-registered and in attendance to be eligible