The TOT series expands the Torus Power lineup to include two affordable models that deliver highly effective power conditioning. The TOT series employs Plitron’s NBT noise filtering technology to restore incoming power to its clean original state. Plitron Toroidal Isolation transformers provide the ultimate in noise attenuation and isolation giving you high-quality sound and picture regardless of power line conditions.

TOT provides a very low source impedance to connected devices enabling high instantaneous current delivery and ensuring dynamic components are never starved for power. Connect audio equipment to a Torus TOT Series power transformer and it comes alive with better dynamics, improved imaging and cleaner enhanced bass. Connect video equipment and see notably crisper images with brighter colors and darker blacks.

TOT Mini provides Torus isolated power to components such as digital projectors, flat panels, powered speakers, media or source players, processors and network devices. TOT Max features a larger capacity toroidal transformer and can be used with most audio systems with low to mid-power amplifiers.

Place your order now for shipment in 1 to 10 days depending on stock at the time of your order. Be sure to ask about our silver rackmount faceplate option to dress up your Torus Power TOT. For more information please visit Tot Power Products.

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