Torus Power TOT AVR



No matter how great your components are, you aren’t hearing all they are capable of if you’re just plugging them into the wall. Forget about all the scuttlebutt you’ve heard on various internet forums and just plug into a Torus.

The higher the current demands of your system, the bigger Torus you’ll need – and they make models as big as a dishwasher, should you want to condition the whole house or have massive amplifiers.

Picture11If you don’t have a huge power amplifier, or just want to test the water by filtering the power to all of your line level components, there’s no better place to start than with the TOT AVR. It has a 10-amp maximum capacity and six outputs that all feature a large toroidal transformer (even the TOT weighs about 35 lbs.) that provides filtering and isolation from the AC line.

You can even keep track of it when you are away by connecting it to your network, and it will email you if there is a fault: great to know when you are away on vacation.

Bottom line, plug into a Torus and get ready to instantly hear a lower noise floor and better, cleaner transient attack without degradation to the delicate musical signal in any way. For $2,295 we can’t think of a better upgrade to your system.

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